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Why Should We Learn Economics    in Our Homeschool?

Economics is everywhere. We instinctively use economic thinking in our daily lives. Understanding the principles will help your student make better decisions about how to use their resources, critically analyze world news, plan their financial future, and so much more. 

Why Is Marginal Revolution University the Best Choice for Homeschoolers?

You can rest assured knowing that your student is getting exceptional instruction from university professors.


Research shows that student retention is increased when new knowledge is presented through an audio-video format.


Teaching through video with engaging visuals allows us to accommodate a variety of learning styles.


Your student can put their new economic knowledge to the test with practice questions that accompany every video lesson.


Want to use a textbook, too?

Our videos pair well with a variety of micro and macro textbooks. Looking for a book to get you started? Check out MRU founders Tyler Cowen and Alex Tabarrok's Modern Principles of Economics.

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Give your student a world-class education in the economic way of thinking with free video courses taught by leading economists.

"I would just like to send a shout out to both Dr. Tabarrok and Dr. Cowen for this wonderful, wonderful series. I teach economics at the high school level and I require your videos for my Honors students."

What People Are Saying About MRU

"Thank you for your interesting and amazing videos! This is how education should be!"

"You guys are so good at explaining things clearly and simply."

"Your videos are so clear, interesting and engaging that I truly enjoy watching them – I have even decided to be an econ major! Thank you for all of the work that you do to make learning such a great experience."

Taught by: Alex Tabarrok (George Mason University), Tyler Cowen (George Mason University), Joana Girante (Arizona State University)

Taught by: Alex Tabarrok (George Mason University), Tyler Cowen (George Mason University)